Appaholic and Inside Facebook

by Jesse Farmer on Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is more an update than an article. For those who don't know my big project for the last three weeks has been Appaholic, a great utility for graphing the growth of Facebook applications. It's been on the front pages digg and Mashable and has been making rounds in the blogosphere (today Robert Scoble linked to it).

I've also been given a guest blogger position at Inside Facebook, a blog about Facebook stuff. I'm going to put most of my Facebook editorial over there for now and keep 20bits more focused on code and technology. I think I'm going to write an article about using eigenvector centrality to determine the influencers in a social network, for example.

Anyhow, this was just a head's up and an explanation for why posting has been slower than before. Cheers!